Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ticket: Beeswax - Berkeley, CA - Free movie screening


DATE/TIME: Tuesday, August 25, 7:00pm
LOCATION: Landmark’s Shattuck Cinemas, 2230 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

marvelous new film from writer/director Andrew Bujalski (Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation), one of the brightest stars in indie film, BEESWAX revolves around the personal and professional entanglements of twin sisters Jeannie and Lauren—played by extraordinary newcomers Tilly and Maggie Hatcher (Maggie is also a Bay Area resident and works full time as a local emergency room doctor) —living in Austin, Texas. Jeannie co-owns a vintage clothing store with Amanda (Anne Dodge), a semi-estranged friend who she fears is trying to end their partnership. Lauren leads a looser, less tethered existence and is considering getting out of the country altogether. When Jeannie receives an email from Amanda threatening a lawsuit, she calls her law student ex-boyfriend Merrill (Alex Karpovsky) for help. Eager for distraction from his own problems, he begins helping the sisters with theirs. Imbued with an innate charm, BEESWAX is a story about families, friends, lovers and those awkward moments that bring all of them together. Like Bujalski’s previous films, the cast is made up of non-professional (but carefully cast) actors and filmed with a light, fast-moving crew. The goal is to tell an intimate, peculiar story the likes of which one could not achieve via a more traditional, large-scale mode of production.

NOTE: The screening is part of “Calendar Preview Night.” Event starts at 7:00pm with approx half hour pre-show of trailers and comments/discussion on the group of films on the new Shattuck calendar.

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